Parents and caregivers, join us for monthly webinars to get answers to some of your most important questions. Experts in various fields of education and child development join our hosts to provide suggestions and examples of how to support young learners in school and at home. Para leer los subtítulos en español haga clic en (CC) y seleccione ESPAÑOL.

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Upcoming Family Webinars

Does Music Actually Make You Smarter?

Dr. Assal Habibi from the University of Southern California joins us to discuss research showing that music can have a powerful effect on learning, specifically in the areas of reading, memory, and attention, and to explore how families can capitalize on this research to help their children excel.

Join us for the YouTube Premiere at 7pm on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

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Past Family Webinars

Helping Children Navigate Stressful Situations

This month’s Family Webinar features Janine Halloran, LMHC and Founder at Coping Skills for Kids as we discuss how to help kids cope with stressful situations in a healthy way and explore practical, strength-based ways families can help support children affected by challenging experiences.

Childhood Anxiety and Depression: What Parents Need to Know

In this family webinar, we will discuss the signs of anxiety and depression, how to talk to children about these big emotions, and share resources available to help families navigate mental health.

Guest: Dr. Rachel Busman is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Senior Director of the Child & Adolescent Anxiety and Related Disorders Program at Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants (CBC).

Literacy for Young Learners

What’s the best way to teach literacy to young learners? Join our guest experts as they discuss the science of reading and provide tips that families can immediately put into practice at home. We’ll also explore a multisensory approach to reading and what reading looks like at different ages.

Guest Experts: Rebecca Pitcher and Tricia Merenda.

Kindergarten Readiness

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Do they have sufficient skills, knowledge, and abilities to engage with kindergarten level instruction? Join us as we discuss what is needed for a child to start school.

Advocating for Your Child

We all want to give our students the best education possible, but how do we advocate for them when challenges arise? Join us as we explore ways to work with school staff to create the best learning environment for each student’s unique needs.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention

One out of five students report being bullied each year. How can families identify when it is happening and what are the key strategies for keeping kids safe? Topics covered include a focus on children in grades K-5 and also includes types of bullying, resources for families, and suggestions for working with schools.

Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Peers

In this family webinar, we will discuss how can families help the development of healthy relationships for their children and what are the keys handling challenging peer relationships?

Guest: Chelsea Elliott, MSW | Somocom Lab — Chelsea is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and holds a master’s degree in social work from Boston College.


Closing the Learning Gap

Educators, administrators and parents worked tirelessly to keep students engaged over the past two-and-a-half school years. And now we are discovering larger-than-normal gaps in learning. How will schools close these learning gaps and what can families do to help?