Helping Children Navigate Life Changes

Premiering at 7pm on Wednesday, September 20. Life is full of transitions and changes, and as adults, we often struggle to navigate them ourselves. Imagine how challenging it can be for children who are experiencing these transitions for the first time. Whether it’s moving to a new home, welcoming a new sibling, or coping with divorce, children can feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to handle these life changes. Join us as we delve into research-based strategies and real-life experiences to help you support children through various life transitions.

Guest: Deborah Farmer Kris, Founder of Parenthood365

Guest Bio: Deborah Farmer Kris is a child development expert, parent educator, and the author of the “All the Time” picture book series. Her bylines include CNN, PBS KIDS, NPR’s Mindshift, The Washington Post, the Boston Globe Magazine, and Oprah Daily. Deborah spent 20+ years as a K-12 teacher and administrator and has presented to thousands of educators and parents around the United States.

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