Bullying Awareness and Prevention

One out of five students report being bullied each year. How can families identify when it is happening and what are the key strategies for keeping kids safe? Topics covered include a focus on children in grades K-5 and also includes types of bullying, resources for families, and suggestions for working with schools.

Guest 1: Cricket Meehan, Director, Miami University’s Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs

Guest 1 Bio: Dr. Cricket Meehan is the Director of Miami University’s Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs.  She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida.  Her clinical and research interests revolve around working within local communities to conduct needs assessments, develop/identify programs based on recognized needs, conduct program evaluations, secure resources and funding for mental health organizations, train in-the-field mental health practitioners in the latest empirically supported treatment protocols, provide advocacy for mental health interests within the public policy and legislation sectors, and bridge the gap between the pragmatic treatment world and academic research world in psychology.

Guest 2: Jill J. Jackson, Ph.D., Education Program Specialist, Office of Whole Child Supports, Ohio Department of Education