Advocating for Your Child

We all want to give our students the best education possible, but how do we advocate for them when challenges arise? Join us as we explore ways to work with school staff to create the best learning environment for each student’s unique needs.

Guest 1: Lisa Perez, Founder/Executive Director of Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC

Guest Bio: Lisa is the founder and Executive Director of Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting.  She started her business in 2008 after realizing so many families were frustrated with their experience advocating for their child regarding the need for special education.  Lisa has worked with families in every aspect of the special education process from eligibility determination to assisting families with a due process complaint.  She works all over the state of Ohio.  Lisa’s goal is to work collaboratively with the family and the school district in order to find a solution for the student.  Lisa lives in Powell with her husband and has three children.  Her oldest child was diagnosed with ADHD, so she has first-hand knowledge of the importance of advocating and the need to educate yourself in this area.   

Guest 2: Latisha Humphries, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, ODE

Guest Bio: Latisha Humphries has been with the department as family and community engagement coordinator since September 12, 2022. She received her bachelor’s in educational studies from Washington University in St. Louis and later pursued a master’s degree in Secondary education from Hunter College. She taught ELA to 6th and 7th graders from 2009-2016. She then relocated to Columbus, Ohio and joined a charter school as Dean of Students. At the department she oversees the Family and Community Partnership Liaison grant. She is working on strengthening partnerships and networks with invested stakeholders in order to push forward the work in the family engagement space. 


Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC 
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